Sara Ahde

The main body of my work is autobiographical in nature and is concerned with producing simple images that are intended to articulate the presence of emotional conflicts in my past, which I simultaneously associate with specific locations in time and space. The representational logic of the images is partially supported by the fact that upon first inspection they appear to utilize the visual language of everyday photography as a strategy for exposing the psychological impact of their content. The apparent randomness of the way in which I capture many of the images is intended to reveal the latent sense of foreboding that accompanies the feelings I have about the people and places captured in the work. In returning to locations that I most associate with particular memories, I use the medium of photography to make a visual record of the site and, in some cases, even go so far as to stage a partial reconstruction of the narrative structure in which the memory arose. Photography for me is the documentation of moments from the past that become memories with emotions attached to them.